Help Desk

Welcome to the help pages. is an Add-To-Cart service currently specialising in the selling of Live Adidas Carts. The process works in the following way: our unique custom software will login to hundreds of Adidas accounts and then bypass the virtual queuing system on, The target product is then added to the shopping cart, The carts are then available to purchase on our Carts page. This enables you to purchase many limited edition sneakers with easy.

Remember you will not be refunded for any carts that you change the email or password on. This violates our Terms of Service. There should be no reason to change any account details if you did not successfully check out.

Frequently Asked Questions

I purchased a cart and I was unable to check out, will I still be charged or refunded?

If you were unable to successfully check out, you will be refunded. Expect the pending authorization to drop withing 3-5 business days. uses an automatic refund system, You can check your current order status on the Cart Tracker if the order status displays PROCESSING this means our refund system has not yet processed your order to determine if you need to be charged or refunded. Furthermore the status will show as COMPLETED if you have been charged or REFUNDED if the refund has been issued.

I was able to checkout successfully, but how do I track my order?

If you want to track your order; use the login details we provided you to check out, to track your order. You can also go to Adidas Order Tracker to track your order. Simply type in your order # and email used to view your order.

If you forgot your Cart details you can view your previously purchased carts using the Cart Tracker. We also emailed you the cart details at the time of purchase.

I purchased a cart but the cart was empty or the item in the cart wasn't what it was suppose to be.

We apologize for this. If you purchased an empty cart or the item in the cart isn't what it was suppose to be, you will not be charged. We recommend repurchasing a cart if you still want the item. Don't worry, you won't be charged twice. You will only be charged for successful check outs.

The shoes are in my cart but I'm unable to check out! I keep getting declined or payment looped!

This is out of our hands. Whenever Adidas experiences heavy traffic, their payment processor will tend to do this. We recommend to keep trying! If after some time the reserve time expires and the shoes fall out of cart, we recommend repurchasing a cart. Don't worry you shall only be charged for any successful checkouts. So if you purchased 5 carts but only able to check out for 1, you will only be charged for 1.

What countries does support?

We currently support Adidas US, UK and FR. More countries coming soon! If your country is not supported, please email us so we know where we should support next.

Can I change the email or password of the Adidas account you provided us?

No, this violates our terms of service. You MUST NOT change the account password or email, if you fail to follow this rule we will not be able to check the account for orders and you will be charged regardless.

My question was not answered above, I still need help.

Please contact us at [email protected]